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Septic System Inspections in Glens Falls & Saratoga

Buying a home with a septic system? Action Septic will work with your real estate agent and local town officials to perform a septic inspection per code and determine if the septic system is in full working order before you close on the sale of your new home. As a local company, we are well-versed in all laws and requirements in Warren, Washington and Saratoga Counties, including the Adirondacks.

Our Septic System Inspection Process

  • Pump the tank
  • Visually inspect the tank
  • Confirm baffles are intact
  • Flush toilets inside and make sure the waste flows into the tank properly
  • Run water inside and make sure the liquid waste flows into the tank and leach field

Advanced Septic System Inspections

In addition to our basic septic inspections, we also offer Septic Line Camera Inspections. These advanced inspections include all of the above services, plus a high-resolution video camera inspection of the line from the house to the tank and the line from the tank to the distribution box.

The benefit of this more thorough septic inspection is that we can easily detect roots and other obstructions, as well as broken pipes, sags and offset joints, that could lead to clogs and other issues in the future.

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